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champions raising champions

a community dedicated to olympic kid!fic

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the olympic!bby hub
Olympickids is a community dedicated to the universe in which the USA Olympians are living perfect lives with their perfect families. Based off the comment explosion here!

Basically anyone can join, and post whatever you want. Idea threads, brainstorm sessions, mini fic-a-thons, whatever, man. Try and use consistent tagging to make things easier for everyone... and tag any sketchy content if you choose to post some.

Otherwise, please know that everyone in the community recognizes and respects the real athletes and mean no harm against them in whatever is posted here. No profit is being made, nobody actually knows the people they're writing about, and the stories shouldn't be taken as fact.

If anyone has problems or concerns, please message me (glory_of_hera) and I'll get back to you as soooooon as possible! c:

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